Ecommerce Consulting Services
We provide conceptual and operational support to online merchants on all issues relating to e-commerce strategy and digitalization.
End-to-end ecommerce services
We help create an apt experience throughout a customer lifecycle and increase the profitability of ecommerce business. At ProvidentBA, ecommerce consultants are tech-savvy to create viable solutions for different business models and goals.
12 years
Experience in the eCommerce domain
Ecommerce Experts
8 years
Average experience of our Consultants
Market entry consulting
For startups and companies launching a new online sales channel, we provide a consulting service package for a risk-free launch.

  • Measuring the target market attractiveness: market size, growth potential, competitiveness
  • Identifying barriers to entry: industry regulations, entry cost
  • Producing a feasibility study: investment calculation, expected ROI
  • Polishing a market entry strategy
Technology consulting
We provide ecommerce software consulting services to help you navigate a vast technology landscape and choose an optimal solution by:

  • Pinpointing your high-level business needs
  • Aligning business needs with technology requirements
  • Assessing your scaling and growth perspectives
  • Shortlisting optimal software vendors from a cost-benefit perspective
  • Scoping an ecommerce solution
  • Calculating the implementation cost and time
Operational consulting
With operational consulting, we focus to improve and maximize the efficiency of a target business workflow.

The area of our competencies embraces:
  • Supply chain management
  • Procurement and production planning
  • Order management and distribution
  • Marketing automation
  • Customer experience personalization
  • Data management and analytics
Business consulting
We focus on business KPIs and review your strategy and technology aspects to drive traffic, conversions and revenue up.

Our attention centres on:
  • Customer experience strategy
  • Digital user experience
  • Website design
  • Data management maturity
  • Mobile presence
Ecommerce solutions for your business model
ProvidentBA helps retailers, wholesalers, suppliers, distributors, and manufacturers outrun their competitors with bespoke ecommerce solutions fit for different business models, be it B2B, B2C, B2G, or C2C.
Online stores
We create responsive online stores with neat platform-agnostic design, integrating back-office automation tools, marketing and customer support options.
Trade portals
We build platforms that let all trading participants—suppliers, manufacturers, wholesalers, and retailers alike—partner, negotiate, and manage their deals globally.
We lay the technological foundation for centralized hubs to host stores by multiple vendors or aggregate online offers from private and business sellers.
Digital auctions
We create platforms for running auction-based commerce in real-time, with interactive options such as in-portal messaging and video-streaming, as well as secure payment options.
We develop our ecommerce solutions based on advanced technologies to let business owners gain a competitive edge amid digital disruption. We make sure our solutions give you peace of mind while providing your customers with value-adding features.
Omnichannel commerce
Connected experiences
With ProvidentBA, businesses get device-agnostic ecommerce solutions that let customers make purchases, arrange returns, and get support via any channel of their choice. Our ecommerce developers connect channels, develop custom features, and leverage innovations to make customer journey truly seamless.

With all the channels under one roof, your customers will enjoy seamless shopping, being able to:

  • Switch screens during their product research
  • Use personalized promotions while in-store
  • Activate loyalty programs
  • Shop via social networks
  • Seek support by phone, messenger, or live chat
Ecommerce platforms we work with
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